Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission

Visiting Address:Sheshi Papa Gjon Pali II, Shkoder
Mailing Address:Sheshi Papa Gjon Pali II, Shkoder
Phone number:00355-2248795

Mons. Angelo Massafra
Elected by Albanian Bishops Conference
Sheshi Papa Gjon Pali II, Shkodër, Albania


Luigj Mila
Elected by Albanian Bishops Conference
Sheshi Papa Gjon Pali II, Shkodër, Albania.
Tel: 00355-2248795
Fax: 00355-2243001
Mobile: 00355-682034079
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Commission established:

Founded in 1996 from Franciscan Fathers; recognized by the Bishops Conference on September 14, 2001 and accepted by the European Conference of Justice and Peace in September 2001

Short historical revue of the Commission

The commission was founded on May 8, 1996 by the Franciscan Brothers and was directed by Flavio Cavallini – Minister of Province, in the post of the president of Commission; father Mario Rama in the role of executive director and Mr. Luigj Mila in the role of executive operator.

The aim of founding the Commission:
The Catholic Church in Albania being aware of the tensions, poverty and injustice that exist in Albania, which  came out of the dictatorship, decided to found the Commission Justice and Peace and Care for the Creation, to contribute in education of various social strata with social peace and justice.

The foundation of the Commission was financially supported by CRS/Albania. During the period 1996-1997 the Commission realized different researches, public awareness and intervention.

In 1997, the Albanian Franciscan Province trusted the direction of the Commission to a volunteer group of Albanian intellectuals, which registered the Commission as an Albanian NGO, turning it into a Centre for social services.

The Franciscan Province still continued to collaborate as an outsider. The Albanian directors of the organization now bearing the status of the NGO continually requested to recognize it as a Diocesan Commission. This become possible in 2001. Since 1999 on representatives of the Commission have appreciated in conferences and meetings organized by the General Assembly of European Justice and Peace Commissions. After 2001 the Albanian Justice and Peace Commission has participated in the meetings as a member of this assembly.

The Albanian diocesan conference has recognized and accepted the commission as a national commission. Initially for the experience, the contribution given in the education for peace and reconciliation and also for human rights. Secondly, due to the fact that the commission continues to be the only one in Albania and located in the most populated catholic zone that unfortunately showed a lot of socio-economic problems.

However the commission has continued to support with activities all dioceses of Albania. The commission has also been supported by CRS/Albania for the year 2002-2003. In 2004, the general assembly of Justice and Peace Commission approved the inclusion of the Albanian Commission in the structural aid program.

Work priorities:
  • Inter religious relation
  • Migration and Emigration
  • Environment
  • Education for peace and reconciliation