Belgium - Flanders


Netwerk Rechtvaardigheid & Vrede (Justice & Peace Network)

Visiting Address:Huidevettersstraat 165
1000 Brussel
Mailing Address:Huidevettersstraat 165
1000 Brussel
Phone number:0032 – 2 – 502 75 28
Telefax:0032 – 2 – 502 81 01

Marcel Cloet; appointed by the board of trustees of NRV; election time from 6/4/11 till 5/4/15 (4 years);re-elected on 9/3/15


Pieter Vandecasteele;appointed by the board of trustees of NRV; not elected; started to work as coordinator on 1/10/2012 for indefinite time;

Short historical revue of the Commission
In 1967 the Bishops Conference established the Belgian ‘Commissie Justitia et Pax’. In 1974 the commission separated into a French- and Flemish speaking organisation. The Flemish organisation was named ‘Kommissie Rechtvaardigheid en Vrede’ (Justice and Peace Commission) and from 1978 on the organisation worked as a coalition of Christian movements and solidarity groups in Flanders.

The reform and legislation in 1997 by the State Secretary of development cooperation endangered the further existing of the Justice and Peace Commission. Thus the idea arose of setting up ‘Netwerk Caritas Solideriteit’ (NCS) together with eight Catholic organisations. The people who worked for the education service moved in 1999 to the study service of Broederlijk Delen, one of the member organisations. The Justice and Peace commission became the secretariat of NCS and could employ one part time coordinator.

Because the double name ‘Justice and Peace Commission’ and ‘Netwerk Caritas Solidariteit’ was very confusing, the board of trustees decided in December 2004 to change the name into ‘Netwerk Rechtvaardigheid & Vrede’

Work priorities:NRV offers a consultation forum to the Christian organisations which are active in the field of justice and peace.

NRV refers to and coordinates different organisations, reacts to current problems and follows up several working groups. These tasks happen on two levels: Firstly the level of the ecclesiastical solidarity organisations, which determine the fixed group of members of the network. Secondly at the level of associated members and the autonomous diocesan and regional Justice and Peace Commissions.