Magyar Katolikus Püspöki Konferencia Iustitia et Pax Bizottsága

Visiting Address:H-1053 Budapest Papnövelde u. 5-7
Mailing Address:H-1053 Budapest Papnövelde u. 5-7
Phone number:0036 - 1 483 1947
Telefax:0036 - 1 483 1948

Diocesan Bishop Mihály MAYER,
appointed by Bishops’ Conference from 1992 until recalled
Address: same


Rev. Dr. Dr. János GOJÁK,
appointed by Bishop MAYER and Bishops’ Conference from 1993 until recalled
Address: same

Commission established:


Constitutional establishing in 1996 by Bishop’s Conference with 15 members (priests, lawyers, economists) with the purpose of making known the Christian Social Teaching.

Short historical revue of the Commission

Milestones of our history:
1997-1999: international meetings on economic ethics and security policies, human rights; neighbourhood meeting and working group Europe in Szombathely
2000: Meeting for religious (Muslims, Catholics, Orthodoxies etc.) leaders in South Eastern Europe in course of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
2001: General Assembly in Budapest, Partnership with Renovabis on Reconciliation
2000 –2001: Reconciliation meetings with Slovaks and Roma’s
2002-2004: Globalisation, National Identity
2003-2004: European Values and European Constitution; dialogue with European Muslims, Poverty
2004-2006: 3 Neighbourhood meetings,
2005: Human Rights in the Prisons.

Work priorities:

Reconciliation (interreligious dialog); European values; Law and Moral; Common Good, Development (Globalisation, Environment, Poverty)