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Bishop Peter Moran,
appointed by Bishops’ Conference of Scotland in 2005.
Address: 3 Queen’s Cross, Aberdeen, AB15 4XU.
Tel: 0044 – 122 4 319154
Fax: 0044 – 122 4 325570
E-mail: bishop.rcdioceseofaberdeen@dsi.pipex

Commission established:

1979, Bishops’ Conference of Scotland

Short historical revue of the Commission

During twenty seven years we have consolidated the Justice and Peace Commission with the responsibility for advising the Bishops in matters of social justice, international peace, human rights, development and ecology. The Commission also works to bring people to a greater awareness of Catholic Social Teaching; and its value in understanding and tackling the great social problems of our times. The Commission meets quarterly to consider and enact policy; co-ordinates statements with the Bishops’ Conference; publishes over a thousand copies of its magazine every two months; maintains a website and electronic monthly update of events; organises annual conferences; and works with a variety of organisations, ecumenical and secular, in areas of common interest and concern.

Work priorities:

Policy priorities of Fair Trade, Asylum and Clean Drinking Water. Widening knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching. Involving more people in action for justice and peace in their personal lives, spiritually and practically, as well as in public campaigns.