ree of justice

Who We Are

The European Conference is the alliance of national Justice and Peace Commissions in Europe, working for the promotion of justice, peace and respect for human dignity. 
The Conference contributes to raise awareness of the Catholic social doctrine  in the European societies and among the European institutions. It feels itself particularly committed to the victims of human rights violations, exclusion, persecution, violence and armed conflicts, as it speaks out in favor of their concerns. 

The Conference is in regular contact with the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. We see ourselves as part of the worldwide Justice and Peace family and we are committed to it in a practical way. 

The Conference maintains contact with various institutions of the Church and with international Catholic organizations (CCEE, Caritas, CIDSE, religious orders and congregations...). In 2014, the Conference has concluded a strategic partnership with COMECE.  

The Christian dimension of the work for justice, peace and reconciliation is a cornerstone for the Conference. 

Together, we make a contribution to a united, free and more just Europe.  

Rules and Procedures