ree of justice

Rules for Official Statements


1. The European Conference 

The European Conference is authorized to make statements under the following conditions: 

1.1 A statement, which is to be published by the Conference of European JP-Commissions, has to be sent to the Exco ten days before the last meeting of Exco before the following General Assembly.
1.2 The Exco will discuss the proposal and take it on the Agenda of the next General Assembly. The Exco may suggest to the authors, to withdraw or change their proposal.
1.3 The proposals for a statement as well as the comments /suggestions of the Exco have to be sent to the members of the CEJPC at least 20 days before the General Assembly.
1.4 Statements will be announced at the beginning of the General Assembly and decisions will be made at their end. 
1.5 The statement is signed as follows: The Conference of European Justice an Peace Commissions N.N. President and N.N. Vice-President
1.6 In cases of urgency (which has to be stated by the General Assembly) the GA is authorized to adopt statement, proposed to the presidency at the beginning of the GA. 

2. The Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee (EXCO) is authorised to publish statements in its own name. 

2.1 Every member of the EXCO can make a proposal for a statement. 
2.2 The EXCO will discuss the matter based on the urgency and the political goal of the proposal.
2.3 If adopted, the EXCO is authorized to publish the statement in its own name.
2.4 A statement of the EXCO is signed as follows: The Executive Committee of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions N.N. President (or Vice-President) N.N. General Secretary
2.5 The statement published by the EXCO has to be reported in the following GA, which has to take note of it. 

3. The President 

The president is authorized to make statements in matters which conform to the general basics of Justice and Peace. 

3.1 The President is authorised to make statements in the time between the sessions of EXCO and General Assembly
3.2 He will discuss his proposal with the General Secretary.
3.3 If there is any doubt, he may ask for the opinion of at least two Exco members
3.4 The president signs his statements as follows: N.N. President of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions
3.5The EXCO takes note of the presidents’ Statements at their following session.